We were called to site to investigate a loss of heat and a constant running of water from the header tank,we quickly located the suspect area under the ducting and
advised the school on options open to them.with the help of the school we have not only carried out the repair but ensured there will be no further problems in the future

We recently used AP Mechanical Services to carry out major heating repairs due to a leakage underfloor.
As a school it was important for us to find a company who understood the needs of the school – working to a tight budget and causing the
minimum amount of disruption to the children’s education.AP Mechanical Services certainly understood our requirements.Not only was their
quotation extremely competitive but they did the entire job efficiently and professionally.
We were given good advise and the options were clearly explained to us.The staff were very helpful and were able to explain exactly what the
job entailed before they started work.Therefore ,we knew exactly what to expect and could plan ahead.
Due to the excellent service we received,we are arranging for further refurbishments to be carried out by the company and would have no
reservations of recommending them to others

Andy Fowler.Headmaster
Lyng Primary School